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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sample Air Jordan BIN XIII Jordan Brand STOLE my design!

Okay so should I be a little upset? Last year I photo-shopped a pair of Air Jordan XIII's in what I think would be a NICE colorway and today I see via that Gentry of Jordan Brand was caught out wearing some "Sample" Air Jordan XIII BIN Collection's and please help me out here but don't these look AWFULLY similar to the pair I created in PS?

Gentry Air Jordan XIII BIN Sample

Gentry Air Jordan XIII BIN Sample

Pretty close huh, for the record I think the white inside on my pair would be better than the dark inside on Gentry's pair.

So what do you all think?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Air Jordan Charcoal IX Retro this fall

Set to release in September time frame this is the FIRST time this Air Jordan has been retro'ed. This is one of my personal all time favorite Air Jordan releases and from the initial looks of it courtesy of JB did not disappoint! This looks like it will easily be the HOTTEST IX of the year with the exception of the BIN Collection IX.

Air Jordan IX Charcoal

Air Jordan IX Charcoal

If you would like to get your hands on them early check out located in the top right of this blog under the Legit Sites section.

Monday, June 21, 2010

John Wall - Signs with Reebok

John Wall has signed a 5-year, $25 million deal with Reebok. Wall has plans that go beyond the basketball court, "The impact was basically me wanting to go where it's best for me and what can help build my brand and make me more marketable and having a better image."

John Wall Reebok

Now before I get to deep into this discussion I know Nike has the basketball market locked up. But could the fact that Nike has it on lock be the reason guys like Derrick Rose (Adidas) and John Wall are opting to go with other brands? Or are they just testing the waters much like Vince Carter did with Puma (Yikes) or D. Wade tested the waters with Converse? Both Vince and Wade eventually were lured under the Nike umbrella. The question is will there be another athlete to take a sneaker company above Nike or does Nike just have locked up?

Either way congrats to John Wall for signing a sneaker deal worth $25 million.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kicks Info for the Female Sneaker Enthusiast

Looking for information for the female sneaker heads out there. Then you should click the image below and bookmark the SneakHerBox blog. Blog is geared to providing information on female and youth size releases of all the hot sneakers out and that are coming out. Got interesting posts dating back to 2008 in the archives. So fellas I know your interested in sneakers and I know you know ladies that are trying to get plugged in as well, so put them on to


Monday, June 14, 2010

Air Jordan XIII BIN 23 Collection

The Air Jordan XIII (13) BIN 23 model will be just as limited as the previous BIN 23 models and there is no set release date yet.

As with the previous 2 releases of the BIN Collection your gonna want to make plans to camp out if you want to get your hands on these for retail, otherwise you'll be looking to spend hundreds over retail to get them.

As more information is released we'll post it.

Air Jordan XIII BIN

Air Jordan XIII BIN

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Legit eBay sellers Vol 1

As easy as it is to point out the fake ebay sellers like for example: kendigglerstuff who has a great feedback of like 98.8% and has made a good living on eBay selling Diet & Energy pills has now started selling fake Air Jordans, we will not focus on those fake sellers.

Instead let's begin creating a list of legit sellers, those that we would not have hesitation on buying from. With that in mind let us begin creating this list, if you have someone you would like to submit please use the comment link to let us know about them.

Let's get started:

Indicates Newly added.


The list will continue to grow over time, please feel free to submit sellers name by using the comments button (Not all sellers submitted will be listed).

Please Note: SSB is not responsible for your eBay transaction, this list is simply a list of reputable sellers to help you in your search for authentic sneakers. Any problems you run into with a seller is between you and that seller and not SSB.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Air Jordan sneaker game getting too predictable?

The question is simple on the surface but could easily get deep if you really look at it. Is Jordan Brand getting to predictable & somewhat boring? I mean for years we have all been excited about Jordan's being retro-ed and for years the cycle has been the same, people hear of a shoe being retro-ed and get OVERLY EXCITED, as the shoe gets closer to release people begin to OVERLY COMPLAIN about quality, colors and so on, when the shoe actually releases the same people go OUT OF THERE WAY to buy them anyway after all the complaining. It doesn't stop there because the same people that complained the loudest continue to complain about the shoes they just spent their hard earned money on.

Of course I could go on and on about this subject but my question is not so much is Jordan Brand getting to predictable as it is are the sneakerheads too predictable and in many cases unsatisfiable?

In my opinion Jordan Brand has somewhat made a nice bounce back in 2010 thus far, with the exception of the recent QF II & Powder IX's (Plastic like leather killed them for me) and JB seems to have a STRONG fall/winter lineup schedule which will no doubt have sneakerheads lined up outside of retail shops on Saturday mornings. Quality of recent Jordans has been much better in 2010 then say 2006, Jordans are still selling out and people are still excited and we "sneakerheads" need to remember we are a small segment of the actual JB customer base. The question that I will leave my readers with is one I ask myself every time I see a YouTube Video or Forum post of a person complaining about a shoe they just bought, why buy it if you don't like it? Straight up hypebeast status when I see that... what other reason is there to buy them??? -Peace

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Chicago Sneaker Spot: Vol. Yeah Board Shop

In cruising the Chicago-land area for fresh sneakers I have many times passed right by Yeah Board Shop without realizing it was there. For some reason it caught my eye one day and popped in to see what they had to offer and to my surprise they have plenty, from skateboards and all the accessories for them, to pants, shirts and of course sneakers! This was the place I purchased my first pair of Nike SB Dunks (Larry Perkins) and since that day just a few weeks ago MANY people have asked me where I got those Dunks from. Well that place is Yeah Board Shop located at 148 Bartlett Plaza Bartlett, IL, if you are interested in securing some SB's along with a host of other skateboard shoes please give them a call at 630-540-9324 they can and will do phone orders to help you get what you need. Below are some pictures to give you a taste of what they have going on. For those in the Chicago-land area this is a hidden gem just off the beaten path, take I90 West take 59 South right into Bartlett

Yeah Board Shop

Yeah Board Shop

Yeah Board Shop

Location: 148 Bartlett Plaza Bartlett IL
Phone: 630 540-9324

Selection: True Skate Shop
Prices: GREAT Prices
Atmosphere: Urban look and feel very welcoming and upbeat.