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Monday, January 5, 2009

The details are lost...

It's 2009 now and being that I had some time off and spent a lot of it around the house I took some time to look at a good number of my Air Jordans. Pulling them out of their boxes and thinking about my reason for collecting and what excites me about each release. Now those that know me know I'm mostly interested in OG colorways and particularly those he wore when he was a Chicago Bull. Anyway after checking a few pairs out I started to recall how excited I was when I learned of each one being retro'ed. Like for example when I heard they were bring back the Steel X I was pretty excited because it took my back to my junior year in high school when I was the first to get a pair and everyone claimed they hated them only to get a pair of their own a month or two later.

Anyway moving on to the point of this posting, the details have been lost over the years on these retros. Like the Steel X as I remember it had a little extra leather that wrapped around the toe and a smaller piece that came over the front portion of the toe. Why would that leave that critical detail off of the retro?

Take the Aqua VIII's for example one of my absolute favorite Jordans of all time, why would they change the color of the gray portion that wraps around the heal? Wasn't changing they shade of the purple enough on the side? Below the shoe on the right is an OG the shoe on the left of the retro.

Of course I get it they would like to make the shoes slightly different so OG collectors don't lose their minds, but why change the integrity of the shoe in the process? Why not make the changes me subtle, it's already bad enough the quality of material isn't the same as the OGs were. This just seems to be the biggest issue I have had recently with Jordan Brand and the retros. Let's all get excited for a OG colorway to release only to be let down when it's not truly a retro of the OG.
I've heard time and time again that Jordan Brand has fell off, however I have not stopped seeing people camped out to purchase whatever JB decides to release. I suppose that is a whole different story.