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Advertising Opportunity

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nike x Jordan Brand x Converse Hybrid Shoe

Although Jordan Brand and Converse both fall under the Nike umbrella, this year's World Basketball Festival was the first time all three brands have had their names linked together, teaming up as 1 to make the event possible. As part of the Make Something!! Workshops at the Nike Stadium in Beaverton, the teens involved in the design classes had the chance to work with Nike designers to create a memorable product which further extends the three-way partnership, a hybrid shoe combining elements from basketball shoes from all 3 of the brands. A first of it's kind and a sign of big things in the making.

In a video provided after the jump, some of the Nike designers quickly discuss the project while shots of the hybrid design pan back and forth across the screen.

Nike Jordan Converse

Friday, August 20, 2010

Heat - Hot or Rare Shoes

So for those of you that are my friends on FaceBook or follow me on Twitter you know I've been working on this design since around early June or so before the "Decision" was made LOL. This is the new shirt design we will be pushing out shortly. First dibs on pre-orders will go to those that have subscribed to SSB to receive e-mailings (click here right column). After pre-orders we will post for everyone else to purchase (supplies will be limited after pre-order). As we did before we will be having a give-a-way attached which will be determined by you, just vote for your preference on the right column of this blog between the BIN IX size 10, or Cool Grey XI, Fire Red V in your size choice. As before we will shoot for 100 to be entered, pre-order is just that pre-order, once the pre-order time is over the shirts will be ordered and sent out to you.

About the design, it's inspired by HEAT as in your fresh sneakers. Definition is not needed on this shirt because if your a part of the culture then no real explanation is needed. Shirt will have small SSB logo on the back just below the neck line.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

4 Air Jordan VI Infrared Packs available $450 shipped.

4 sets of the Air Jordan Infrared VI Pack are now available for $450 shipped. Grab them while you can because as you all know the price of this pack is steadily rising. Just click the image below to see the available sizes.

Jordan Infrared Pack

Monday, August 16, 2010 real or fake?

So over the past few weeks I have received roughly 60 emails asking me about I have taken plenty of time to review their site and have had a few reliable sources tell me they have ordered from this site only to be disappointed. Bottom line is aside from the prices and selection which let's be honest no site has EVERY Air Jordan in EVERY colorway available in EVERY size, not to mention at a price of less than $90. That alone should be a flag for anyone to think something funny is going on here. To add to that to make it even more CLEAR that the site is selling fakes is the fact that they have garbage unreleased colorways listed for sale on their site. Not to mention it's not just fake Air Jordan's they have fake everything out there Air Yeezy's in colorways that look like stir fried trash for example:


So please stay away from this website, 100% fakes up and down the board. I would expect KixUltra to remove some of these whack colorways off their site soon to help further confuse people into thinking they are legit but sadly there are many more out there that are complete trash.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Footlocker - Back to School

Air Jordan 2 Candy Pack Halloween 2010

Twenty five years ago, Air Jordans brought color to the court and continues the tradition to this day. Fresh off the heels of last week's release of the University Blue Air Jordan 2, Jordan brings more bold colors to the shoe game. These solid green, yellow, and red colorways of the Air Jordan 2 Retro will be available to the public on October 30th.

Air Jordan II Candy Pack

Although I'm not a fan of the Blue II's that just released I have to say these bold colors look pretty nice. Fall is going to be even bigger than spring for Jordan Brand and SneakerHeads!

Monday, August 2, 2010

2010 Air Jordan Cool Grey XI first look

Here's a good look at the upcoming Air Jordan XI Cool Grey the sneaker many of you have been waiting for all year. As you can see they have a blue tint to the clear sole this time around, some have suggested that the blue tint may only actually release in youth size while others believe it will be on all sizes. I have to think it's going to be on all sizes. Other than that the shoe seems to be on point with the CDP XI and Space Jam, left shoe has Jumpman facing the rear and over all they look nice and will sell out.

Air Jordan Cool Grey XI

Air Jordan Cool Grey XI