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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Air Jordan I Spice

So as many of you know I'm not the biggest fan of the Air Jordan I simply because they have created so many colorways of the shoe that I've pretty much given up on them unless they are OG colorway and even then I'm just like blah...

This new Air Jordan I has made me sit up in my chair and give it a second, third look. I have to say these are most certainly a HOT colorway in my opinion. All leather upper with white midsole and patent leather swoosh these look like very clean and they are set to drop in July.

Air Jordan I Spice

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Q & A: Recommended Jordan's for a newbie to the game

Every week I am asked many questions and some of the questions asked of me are really more direct, as in the answer really applies only to the person asking me. There are a good number of questions that are asked that the answer could help many people out. With that in mind this is the question of the week.

"I'm new to the sneaker game and of course I'm a Jordan fan.. Whats are sum pairs of J's you recommend for a newbie like me?"

First off my answer to anyone would be start off by purchasing what YOU like, don't worry about what other people like. You'll get little or no respect if you just follow the already over populated herd of sheep, so be as original as you can be and buy what you like. If you new to the game then you don't want to start off in the sneaker game and be label a "Hypebeast" right off the bat.

If you are truly a fan of Michael Jordan then I would suggest getting some Original Colorway Jordan's in your collection to start you off with a nice base to work with. This year has been a great year to jump in sneakers I would suggest you grab would be the Air Jordan II (Released this past Saturday), maybe grab the Powder Blue IX's releasing next Saturday and then keep your eye out for upcoming releases to add to your collection. There are a lot of "Gems" dropping this year and I'm not going to give away the farm right here, but do you homework get committed to what you want and go for it. Don't let anyone tell you your collection is whack, weak or whatever always remember it's YOUR collection not theirs.

Hope this has helped more than one person out. Last but not least KEEP IT REAL & NOT FAKE.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Match your gear to your sneaks? Meet Jumpman Bostic

For those of you that enjoy matching up your clothes to your sneakers, let me introduce you to Jumpman Bostic. Check out his videos, rate, comment subscribe and all that good stuff. He has plenty of combinations to keep you tuning in to his almost daily videos.

Video by: JumpmanBostic

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hot release that you might sleep on, the Air Jordan II

This weekend the Air Jordan II is set to release and although the masses won't flock to the store to snatch these up like they did with the Anniversary XI's or Space Jams these are a must have to any Air Jordan sneakerhead out there. I can't count how many sneakerheads see me wear my 2004 Air Jordan II's and say man I wish I would have got those when they came out. So this is me saying don't sleep on this release, although these will be on store shelves for a little while don't keep putting off copping a pair because you will be sorry in the end. Seriously no need to pay more than retail ($135) on these so grab them when you have the chance.

Air Jordan II

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

SSB Forum News

If your not a member of the SneakerShoeBox Forum yet, now would be a good time to join, it's free and has been growing over the past few months. We have a Give-A-Way coming up in June for one lucky active member and you still have time to get in and be eligible. So if you're interested please sign up today and let's grow the community.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Air Jordan RPM, another lackluster design from Jordan Brand?

Today I was shown this picture of the upcoming Air Jordan RPM and asked what I thought about them. Well this kind of piggy backs off of my more popular YouTube Video's titled My Opinion on Jordan Brand which I did back in August of the 2009.

I believe Jordan Brand works hard to bring out fresh new designs to the marketplace however sometimes the designs are just boring and plain as is the case with the Air Jordan RPM (pictured below). In my opinion when the design lacks Jordan Brand always seems to toss on some Cement Print or Elephant Print or whatever to make the shoes more respectable as a Jordan Brand release. For this reason among others is why it would seem most true Jordan Sneaker Heads only focus and purchase the signature line of the brand, meaning Air Jordan 1-23 and 2009-2010. Of course Fusions, Spiz'ikes, Dub Zeros etc sell but what's making them sell is it the resemblance of the signature line?

Use the comment link below and let me know what you thin of this upcoming release.

Air Jordan RPM

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Toe creasing on your fresh Sneakers? Meet ForceFields.

Seems as though I am asked this question daily. What do you do to keep the toe box from creasing on your shoes? Short answer is nothing, I don't do anything special because I have learned to accept certain things about sneakers that many people just have a hard stomaching. Things like clear soles yellow over time, sneakers are not made to last forever and feet bend therefore toe boxes on shoes crease. It's not a big deal to me that they crease, as long as the shoes are clean I could care less if the toe has a crease them because they are conforming to MY foot. On the flip side of the coin I know there are plenty of people that go out of there way to keep their toe boxes from creasing, from walking like Frankenstein to stuffing paper in the toes after they take them off.

Well I have a couple friends in the sneaker community that have really taken a liking to ForceFields (pictured below). ForceFields are pretty cool they slide into your shoe and stick to the top of the toe box area and help prevent toe creasing as it stiffens the toe box area. Of course you have to get use to having something in your shoe when you walk, and you may have to purchase your shoes a half size bigger to attain the comfort your really looking for but it will help you keep a more crease free toe box. Believe you can find these are Footlocker & Finishline stores.

Force Fields

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Legit site sending out damaged goods? Vol:

Now I'm not here to put any person on BLAST but there is a company that we do need to put on blast for poor company practices.

Everyone wants Air Jordan's, everyone wants LEGIT Air Jordan's but the question is should the trade off for legit sneakers be damaged or already worn shoes when they are listed as NEW? Should the box the shoes come in be borderline destroyed even when it comes DOUBLE BOXED? I mean seriously how does that happen?

Well below we have a few testimonies on and the poor quality sneakers they are sending to customers and in my opinion doesn't matter if it's 1 customer or many because how would you feel if you paid MORE than retail for some sneakers that are listed as NEW and got some pre-creased, scuffed up sneaks? So let this message be a warning to you all and seriously consider where you spend your money, because right now is not looking like they appreciate the business that we as sneakerheads have provide them.

Scenario One:

Scenario Two:

Scenario Three:

Again I'm not coming at anyone on a personal level but on a business level this type of practice is not acceptable. And I wouldn't be true to the culture if I didn't speak up and spread this word. So just use this as a warning to be careful and do your homework.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Nike's new slogan: Just Sue It


Counterfeiters are cashing in on Nike's valuable brand name, posing as authorized resellers online and playing on consumer trust in the company. But Nike's saying it's game over.
Nike Inc. is seeking to wrest control over 66 Internet domain names it says are hawking counterfeit goods.

The athletic footwear and apparel giant filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Virginia against the domain names, all of which are registered to entities in China.

The domain names were registered through VeriSign Inc. in Dulles, Virginia. Nike is seeking an injunction to have VeriSign transfer the names into Nike’s control.

Nike officials declined to comment on the pending litigation.

Read more: Here

Introducing Future Sole 2010

Future Sole 2010

Future Sole 2010 registration just started on May 1st, so if you’re a student between the ages of 14-25 with design skills, enter the 2010 Future Sole competition. For the first time, Future Sole will feature a Jordan t-shirt design category, as well as the usual footwear design category. This is your chance to win $5,000 in prizes, plus a $5,000 grant for your school. Register today, online voting begins on July 7th, and the winner will be announced on August 30th. Heads up, and good luck!

Register: Future Sole 2010 Design Competition