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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Air Jordan VII BIN Collection - Vol WTH?

So we all know about the Air Jordan BIN 23 Collection, exclusive sneakers with top shelf quality and so on. New pictures have surfaced of the BIN VII "Look-See Sample" and seriously I can't even put a positive spin on this shoe. If this shoe actually releases without significant changes to it I would have a hard time picturing anyone camping out for these as people did for the previous BIN releases. I can totally respect the Tribal-Esque African thought put into the design but seriously the Doernbecher Becker kids are putting together better designs than the paid professionals at Jordan Brand. Big Shake My Head to JB for this one, easy pass for me.

Images via

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010

Real vs Fake Air Jordan V

Along with my real vs fake video's, I'll be taking it a few steps further and putting together some areas to focus on with each shoe. Please keep in mind COLORWAY doesn't matter here, this is about the design of the shoe NOT THE COLOR. The flaws with many fakes are in the design, seeing an off the wall colorway should be evidence enough that a shoe is fake this will show SOME key areas to focus on with fakes in real colorways.

We have pictures of a fake Air Jordan V and a real one just below. 7 circles on the fakes which focus on 7 areas, explanation of each is below.

Real vs Fake Air Jordan V

1. As the back of the shoe rises it should begin to curve inward wrapping the heal. It should not rise straight up.

2. Stitch pattern, see how much leather is sticking out from the stitches as compared to the real sneaker in the lower portion of the image? That extra flab of leather material should not be there, that's sloppy.

3. Netting/Mesh should be large and the dominant feature of the side of the shoe.

4. Toe Box, the leather around the toe box should come up over the toe not end before it reaches the top of the shoe.

5. Tongue, height is the tongue is critical, on fakes the tongue is always short.

6. Ridges in the tongue, fake tongue are flat, on a legit pair there are clear ridges that are seen just below the Jumpman.

7. Fakes for some reason have a stitch that connects the 2 and the 3, on real pairs that is not the case.

For more or to see the video I put together covering some of these areas click here.

By the way the fakes are from a site that MANY people say "look just like the real thing only cheaper" you be the judge.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cool Grey V - Summer 2011

The legacy of the Air Jordan Cool Grey marches on with the Cool Grey V set to drop next summer. has confirmed this release and already the sneaker heads are buzzing.

Personally I love all the Cool Greys, the only one I didn't care for was the III, and although I don't think these are completely as fresh as the XI or IV, I do think these are nice enough to be copped. They are very similar to the Pink V's that dropped not to long ago which I thought were one of the nicer female releases that JB has brought us. Enjoy the sneak peak.

Air Jordan V Cool Grey

No release date is set but the May 2011 is the early report.

Adidas x Star Wars

I'm not sure how many of you are up on Adidas, but I am in a pretty big way and throughout the years Adidas has always been rather surprising with their creativity on sneakers. Like the 35th Anniversary Adidas Superstars that dropped a few year back and the work they did with Muhammad Ali and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was also nice. But now they have worked outside the box yet again with the Adidas Star Wars Collection and although some of the designs are bit of a stretch some are rather nice. The latest of these is the "Chewbacca" which is pictured below.

Adidas Chewbacca

Like the shoe or not they expanded the level of creativity all the way down to the packaging, making it look like you're buying some toys off the shelf. For those interested in learning more about the collection and seeing how some of the other releases came out check out Adidas for a nice presentation of the models released.

On a slightly side note my personal favorite is the "Yoda" I think these joints are fresh! And yes I know I just recently saw the series of movies with both my sons that had to coach me up on Star Wars but none the less I really like what Adidas is doing in the sneaker world.

Adidas Yoda

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Lebron 8

Okay so I know Lebron isn't on everyone's favorite people of the year list.. (South Florida the obvious exception) but here is the LBJ8 and say what you will about the player the shoe looks nice, although not as nice as the LBJ7 which was my personal favorite style wise of all the LBJ's. Kind of figured Nike outdid themselves with the 7 so the 8 was surely not going to be as nice. Even with that all said if you are a ball player Nike always goes all out on the LBJ line so I fully expect the shoe to be tremendous on the court for comfort. Will the shoe sell as well as previous releases who knows guess it depends on how affected you were on the "decision" on whether you are willing to spend the money on anything LBJ related. As for me if I can just find the time to pick up a ball more often this fall/winter I will be grabbing a pair.

Lebron 8

JB Summer 2011

For those interested in some of the shoes projected for next summer here you go.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Nike Foamposite Pro Pearl 1997 vs 2010 by Sneaker Dave

Thought this was a nice video to help everyone see the differences between the OG and Retro of the Charcoal. TheShoeGame is a great channel to connect to on YouTube so hit it up when you can.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Air Jordan quality?

So someone recently contacted me via FaceBook and asked me a question and posed in such a way that made me sit back and think for a little while before I responded. They mentioned they saw my video My opinion on Jordan Brand... that I posted about a year ago now and this was the question that came of it.

Q: Have you ever thought bout most people don't buy Air Jordans to play basketball in anymore? So could this also factor in on the poor quality?

That thought process is an interesting one, yet in the question it almost suggest that it is now OK for Jordan Brand to cut corners on retros. So here was my response.

A: That would be true if only JB wouldn't have players wearing retro's in NBA games, that alone is promoting the quality and performance of the brand and shoe. Also most of the people that buy retros aren't SneakerHeads like us. SneakerHeads are a small number compared to the number of people that buy J's. Even with all that said there really is no excuse for a company that is now charging $150 - $175 on releases to cut corners on quality.

Of course this is just my opinion but honestly why would Jordan Brand have NBA guys wear the signature line retro's in professional games if they only wanted to market the shoes as casual wear or for collecting purposes? We've all seen guys like Jared Jeffries, Richard Hamilton, Ray Allen, Joe Johnson and many others wearing Retro's on the court and even if they make Player Exclusive shoes differently than they make the general release shoes that doesn't matter because the message is simple "the performance and quality of our shoes is good enough for the NBA."

Mike Bibby

So those that know me and communicate with me asking questions like "did you cop such and such?" are often surprised when I say "no, quality wasn't good enough." I love the shoes as much as the next guy but if your going to raise prices and hand us an inferior product than what we are use to then yeah I'll pass.

Just because the shoe says Jordan doesn't mean it's top of the line like it use to be. There was a time you didn't question the quality of Jordan's, you knew you were getting the best... now it only seems that way with the most recent release like the 2009, 2010 once retro'ing starts questioning the product starts and that's the reality right now.