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Friday, January 29, 2010

Michael Jordan on Leno

Air Jordan XI Cool Grey Confirmed

The Air Jordan 11 Retro Cool Greys - 378037-001 have been confirmed for this holiday season (Nov). I believe the frenzy will be even bigger than it was for the Space Jams that released this past Christmas.

Air Jordan XI Cool Grey

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Louder than your voice, is your wallet.

This is a follow up to an article I did last year titled The details are lost... I've seen the changes in Jordan Brand over the years and have heard almost every opinion on the matter, from quality issues, to colorway complaints, to material adjustments and so on. My question is this, if you are upset with the product why are you sneaker heads still making the purchase, camping out, staying up to midnight to make your purchase online?

I think a good percentage of sneaker heads are unoriginal in their own thoughts and style, they see others complaining and feel it's the right thing to do. Much like when they see others hyping up a release and feel they have to have it. We'll label this group of people sheep, because they are just following the masses.

True I would change some things about some of the retro's that have been released, and the ones that I don't like I pass on, why continue spending my hard earned money for a product that I'm only going to complain about. Which is why all of 2009 I bought ZERO Air Jordans, that's right not a single pair because I felt the product was just not up to par. Now many of you went bananas over the Space Jams, and complained about the quality of the shoes, as well as the price. You wanna know the message Jordan Brand got from you all? They got the message of "GREAT JOB JORDAN BRAND, it was inferior to the OG yet $50 more and we sold out of them so GREAT JOB." Guess what the future will bring... better retro's a cheaper price? Probably not.

My point would be if your going to complain, louder than your voice, is your wallet when your talking to corporate America. Just something to think about when you put on that pair of sneakers that you bashed over and over again only to go and buy them anyway.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Forum is open and membership is free!

The new forum is now up and running. It's free to join! Click the image below to access the forums. Invite your friends and be apart of it from the beginning!

Sneaker Shoe Box

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Air Jordan Spiz'ike... what has happened?

Remember the first few releases of the Air Jordan Spiz'ike (which I always referred to them as the Dub Zero II) were a big deal, it was hard to get your hands on them and everyone wanted a pair. Basically they were the Air Yeezy before there were Yeezy's as far as hype goes. Well over the past weekend the Mars version of the Spiz'ike, as if they needed a Mars version, were released and I'll be honest this colorway is very nice however they are sitting on store shelves days after the release. So I got to thinking what could it be that is causing people to not buy them? I know your thinking it's the economy dude, but I would disagree with you. I believe the reason they are still sitting on shelves is because Jordan Brand has set the release of the Air Jordan VI one week after the release of the Spiz'ike. Really who wants to spend $175 on the Spiz'ike when the signature line is retro-ing they ever popular Air Jordan VI's in 2010? Just my opinion but Jordan Brand should have released these a few weeks between signature line retro releases.

None the less like I said next to the Cool Grey Spiz'ikes I have to say these are very fresh and if I see a pair dip in price I might actually snatch'em up.

Air Jordan Spizike

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

First look at Air Jordan VI Black Varsity Red

I just secured my Air Jordan VI's and in person I have to say they are very nice. The material is not as distracting as I thought, also the toe box looks great! I thought they were going to be altered but I was pleasantly surprised. I wouldn't say camp out for them but they are worth copping.

Very good review of Air Jordan Alpha I (on the court)

By: iufreak18

Monday, January 18, 2010

Crash the Boards!

Hello all, looks like things are being put in place fairly quickly. Look like in the upcoming days we'll be launching a new message board community. Basically a place to talk sneakers, sports and so on. Once we are up and running with it I'll be sure to post a comment and probably make a YouTube announcement. Thanks for your time.

Air Jordan I Alpha JStar first impression

Friday, January 15, 2010

Air Jordan's on a Saturday Vol I

It use to be almost every Air Jordan Retro that would release would pretty much sell out within days with a few exceptions here and there that would linger for a while. Saturday's use to be a day you would wake up early with excitement as if it were Christmas day, toss on some thing fresh and pop on your freshest "neck breakers" to rush out to the mall. Because you knew nothing but sneaker heads were going to be there just looking at your shoes to see if your sneaker catalog is tight or not. Well it seems that same type of day is once again upon us, on the 23rd of this month a retro Air Jordan VI will be released and I anticipate that this will be the kind of release you are going to want to get up early and go cop. No doubt with the national cold front breaking people are just itching to get out and look fresh so it'll be wise to do the same.

Air Jordan VI

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Air Jordan XI Cool Grey and Concords to release in 2010??

This may just be a rumor but there's been a lot of chit chat about the release of the Air Jordan XI Cool Grey this year (holiday's).

Air Jordan XI Cool Grey

Possibly Fall for the Concords.

Air Jordan XI Concord

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sneakers and T-Shirt artist wanted...

Hello everyone, we are currently looking for any aspiring T-Shirt designers preferably someone that may have a small portfolio of work. If you are or know anyone interested please pass them the URL to this page:

We are looking to grow this site from the ground up with tips and insight for serious sneaker heads, if you are interested in becoming a team member and contributor please click here and let us know more about you.

Also if anyone is interested in selling their sneakers via consignment please contact us by clicking here. Please provide as much detail about your sneakers as possible. More details will follow. Thanks all for your time.