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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Update on SSB show NEW MUSIC tell us what you think

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Lets kick it for a minute with: JStar

This week on Lets Kick it for a Minute we have Sneaker Shoe Box founder and sneaker expert Mr. Jesús Estrella aka JJtar25 on youtube and MrJStar25 on twitter. First I would like to thank JStar for the opportunity to blog on this website. It's really fun!

SSB: How many sneakers do you currently have?

JStar: About 100 pairs

SSB: What are your all time favorite sneakers?

JStar: 1. The Adidas Superstar the kind Run DMC used to rock

2. Air Jordan 4 Black and Red pair

SSB: Which shoe would you like to be re-retroed?

JStar: The cool grey 4's. They should also start retro-ing the shoe past 14. The Air Jordan

10 with the toe cap. The playoff 12's and the obsidian 12's.

SSB: Do you collect any sneakers besides Jordans?

JStar: I have Adidas, Lebrons, Jordans, Nikes and a couple Foamposites

SSB: When did you start collecting Jordans or notice that you have a nice collection?

JStar: 93-94 Junior year of high school. Some of the girls at school were like dang Jesús you have more shoes than me!

SSB: Which star in the NBA has the best sneaker line?

JStar: Lebron James. The Lebron 7 is equal to the Jordan XI in the Jordan collection. Not saying the Lebron 7 is as nice as the XI but that shoe to me is the best shoe in that line so far.

SSB: Which are your favorite pickups so far this year?

JStar: The Adidas SuperBeast Red Carpet Editions are number 1. The year of the Rabbit Jordan 2011 are next and then the True Blue 3's.

SSB:If you could make any color way what would you do?

JStar: Aqua 4, White Cement 6, Charcoal 4 similar to the Derrick Anderson PE's when he ran with the Heat.

SSB: What are your future plans for SSB?

JStar: I'm working on shooting a web-isode that would show on SSB. It's about a half hour long and will feature product reviews, real vs fake, interviews with members of the sneaker culture and boutique visits. Hopefully try and grow SSB and a create a buzz.

We would like to thank JStar for "kicking it with me for a minute." For all of your sneaker news report to Tran

Friday, June 17, 2011

Nike's new edition to the hyper- family

Today pictures have surfaced on the internet of Nike's new edition to its line of hyper-. This model is described as the hyperforce. The hyperforce has what appears to be a combination between flywire and the netting that was used in the hyperfuse. The back of the shoe and the swoosh is composed of 3m. Alot of the past Nike Hypers seemed like a different variation of the same thing but this shoe really pops to me. Nike is finally stepping their game up to compete with what Addidas has been doing with basketball. For all of your sneaker news report to The Sneaker Shoe Box.-Johnathan Tran

Thursday, June 16, 2011

6/16/2011 Gilbert Arenas Giveaway

Today on twitter Gilbert Arenas will be giving away a pair of Air Jordan 10 Ice Blues. In about 40 minutes Gilbert Arenas will ask a trivia question on twitter and the answer must go to @thesneakerchamp in order to win. These are a size 13 and the winner has a chance to have the shoes autographed by him also. The Air Jordan 10 Ice Blue was released in 2005 and this would be a great chance to win a pair. For all of your sneaker needs check the Sneaker Shoe Box.-Johnathan Tran

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

6/14/2011 Air Jordan X is confirmed to be release in 2012

Today Jordan Brand has confirmed that the OG colorway of the Chicago X's will be re-retroed in 2012. This color way has not been retroed ever. The Chicago 10's were originally released in 1995. If this shoe drops in 2012 will it be an instant cop? I know I will. Being a young sneaker head new to the game it has turned out to be a very good year. For all of your sneaker news and needs report to The Sneaker Shoe Box. -Johnathan Tran

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lets Kick it For a Minute- JumpmanBostic

After running out of things to talk about on the Sneaker Shoe Box Blog, I thought of a great segment idea. At Sneaker Shoe Box we are going to start a weekly interview with the sneaker heads from Youtube. The Segment will be called Lets Kick it For a Minute. Today we have a special guest on youtube he is known as JumpmanBostic. He is known for maybe having the largest Jordan collection on Youtube. Mr. Bostic collects all Jays not just the retros. Check out his videos on youtube at I was lucky enough to interview Mr. Bostic.

SSB: Mr. Bostic, how many Jays do you currently have in the "Basement of Jays"?

JumpmanBostic: 711 pairs

SSB:If you could have shoe reretroed this year, which would it be?

Jumpman Bostic: The Air Jordan 8's

SSB: Any specific color way?

Jumpman Bostic: Any of them I really like the 8's

SSB: Do you collect any other brands besides Jordans?

JumpmanBostic: No all I have is Jordans

SSB:So When did you start collecting Jordans?

JumpmanBostic:1986 The Air Jordan 1

SSB:If you could switch color ways or create your own color way on a shoe what would you do?

JumpmanBostic: I would take the PE Air Jordan 8's that Ray Allen had

SSB: If you could choose a superstar in the NBA right now that has the potential of having the next successful shoe brand who would you choose?

JumpmanBostic: Kevin Durant

SSB: What shoe would you consider to be your "grail"?

JumpmanBostic: The shoe I consider to be my "grail" is the Jordan 2010 sample once owned by MJ himself

SSB : What upcoming release are you anticipating the most in 2011?

JumpmanBostic: I'm most anticipating the December release of the Concord 11's

We at the SneakerShoeBox would like to thank JumpmanBostic for "Kicking it for a minue" with us. For all of your sneaker needs report to the Sneaker Shoe Box. -Johnathan Tran

6/14/2011 Gilbert Arenas' Shoe Giveaway!

Today Gilbert Arenas will be giving away the anniversary Air Jordan 11's on twitter. Although the shoe has already began yellowing this would still be a great shoe to have. If you want a chance to win follow @agentzeroshow for the trivia question and send your answers to @thesneakerchamp for a chance to win. The question will be given around 3:00 p.m Eastern Time, 2:00 Central time. For all of your sneaker news report to The Sneaker Shoe Box. -Johnathan Tran

Monday, June 13, 2011

6/13/2011 Hard Court Kicks

After a great NBA Finals between the Miami Heat and the Dallas Mavericks. The Mavericks prevail as NBA Champions of 2011. The kicks worn by both teams have been seen before in previous games with the exception of Dwayne Wade wearing a new color way of the Jordan Fly Wade.

Lebron James wearing the Lebron 8 PS PE

Dwade in the Jordan Fly Wade

Dwade in the Jordan Fly Wade New Color Way. Pre-Game

Dirk Nowitzki in the Nike 2010 Hyperdunk and Jason Kidd in the Peak Kid III

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Lebrons Episode 9 -"Misunderstood"

This episode of The Lebrons Kid is disapointed that he has missed the game winning shot in the state championship and feels misunderstood...

Gilbert Arenas June 10th sneaker giveaway

Tommorow Gilbert Arenas will be giving away a VERY exclusive shoe on twitter. Arenas described the shoes as the Addidas Gilbert Arenas 2.0 Slam magazine exclusive. Could this be an one of one? If you want a chance to win this pair of shoes follow Gilbert Arenas at @agentzeroshow but be sure to send your answer to @thesneakerchamp. The question will be asked between 3 and 3:30 pm Eastern Time. For all of your latest sneaker news please tune into sneaker shoe box. -Johnathan Tran

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Air Jordan 9 Dark Powder Blue Sample

This color way of the Air Jordan 9 is described as white/dark powder blue/ and black. A very similar colorway has been released in 2010. One of the variation that can be seen is that the sample has a darker tint of blue than the ones that were released in 2010. Jordan Brand also changed the color of the jumpman on the sole of the shoe. In the sample the jumpman is powder blue. On the pair that was released in 2010 the jumpman is black. Which pair would you perfer? For the latest sneaker news look to sneaker shoe box for all of your sneaker news and releases. -Johnathan Tran

6/9/2011 Gilbert Arenas Giveaway

Tommorow on Gilbert Arenas' giveaway on twitter he will be giving away two pairs of shoes! The first pair of shoes is the Nike Air Garnett III the second pair is the Air Jordan 9 Silver Anniversary. Both shoes are size 13. Gilbert Arenas will most likely be giving both shoes away to one winner like he did on friday. The winner can have both shoes signed by Gilbert Arenas himself. If you would like a chance to win follow @agentzeroshow but make sure you send your answer to @thesneakerchamp. For the latest news report to sneaker shoe box -Johnathan Tran

HardCourt Kicks

Dwayne Wade in the Jordan FlyWade Playoff color way

Jason Kid in the Peak Kid III and Mario Chalmers in Addidas adiZero Crazy Lights

Lebron James in the Nike Lebron 8 Playoff Player Editions

Jason Terry in the Reebok Zig Slash Player exclusives

Mike Miller in the Nike KDIII and Dirk in the Nike Hyperdunk 2010

for all upcoming sneaker news Sneaker Shoe Box is your spot

-Johnathan Tran

6/8/2011 Gilbert Arenas Crazy Giveaway

Today Gilbert Arenas will be giving away The Nike Foamposite Ones on twitter today. This colorway is being called the "Black/Cactus". This shoe features a glossy black upper and a "cactus" bottom. The winner of the shoe can decide between having the shoe signed by "Agent Zero". The questions airs today between 3 and 5 p.m. Eastern time. So if you want a chance to win follow @agentzeroshow . Bringing you all of the latest sneaker news The Sneaker Shoe Box.
-Johnathan Tran