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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Some sneaker tips to live by

I'm going to take a little time and put down a few tips or rules that I try to live by when it comes to nice sneakers. I'm sure everyone has their own rules and probably the majority of you are thinking: "What rules to my shoes WTH?" well I completely understand that, however to preserve your shoes you have to have rules.

When buying your shoes, always buy the size that fits properly. You ever ask someone what size they wear and they come back with I wear a 10 or a 10.5 I can even wear an 11. They correct answer should be I wear a 10 and that's all I wear. Only time you should wear a shoe that is bigger is if it was a deal you couldn't pass up and you really wanted that shoe badly. Here's why I suggest you wear the correct size. TOE CREASING! Toe creasing is going to happen no matter what, but when you wear a shoe that is a half size bigger or a full size bigger your going to have extra creases that are going to drive you insane.

Tying your shoes. When you tie your shoes, do yourself a favor and sit down to do it, or put your foot on something like a chair or steps. You NEVER want to bend over and tie them like this:

Don't tie them like this

That is a sure way to crease your shoes terribly.

Weather and shoes. Check the weather report before you leave your house each day. If it is going to rain or snow then wear some beaters that day. Even is it's not going to snow but there is snow on the ground, don't wear your fresh J's where some beaters.

Beaters = Old shoes that you have worn and don't really care much about.

Cleaning my J's. After each wear I take a look at my sneakers, if there is any dirt then I clean them and then put them back in the box (granted I get lazy sometimes but most times I put them away properly). I use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to clean my J's particularly the mid soles and any full grain leather uppers. Once you clean them up dry them and then put them away. You will be amazed how well the Magic Eraser works... Lets just say it's Magic!