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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Crazy conversation with a "Sneakerhead" that wears fake Air Jordans

Just thought I'd take some time and share a conversation I had with someone recently, this guy was trying to get a "it's okay" from me to wear fakes that look pretty close to real Jordans. Check it out (please note I'm not going to correct his spelling or grammer, I think that helps build the case of him being ignorant):

Him: im going to give u a link to thse jordans
tll me if there real or fake

Me: ok


Me: You kidding right? I apologize but seriously I just laughed out loud for real when I saw those shoes. Real talk that's not a real colorway, that site is full of fakes.

Him: but do u think there nice i wore them today i just tll people dat i get the exclusives there no way everydoy knows every color of every jordans theres 9.5 dub zeros so kno body will know now look dat they look real though they could pass for real

Me: Man you are only playing yourself with those. The people that know better aren't going to be the ones that walk up and ask you about them being real or not. They are just going to look and be like no doubt those are fake and just keep it moving.

Real talk you do your thing, if you believe you can fool everyone into thinking you are special enough to get a pair of exclusive sneakers from Jordan Brand then keep on keeping on. The embarrassment of being busted out will happen sooner or later. But as long as your happy, (which I don't think you are if your lying to people.) then that's all that matters. -Peace

Him: wut do u think of ya if there was sneakeheads at my school they wouldnt laugh or say oh those r fake dats mad immature nd dey do dat cuz they spend all there money so dey cud get real onez

Me: What do you want me tell you about kicksbay? Wanna know if I think they are a good enough fake to pass as the real thing?

If you have convinced people you have exclusive red/blue XI's, then really you should be able to wear anything and not worry about them looking close to real or not, right? -JE

Him: no just look u wud b suprsied dat there actually real

Me: They are NOT real, they just have images of real J's but those ain't the J's you'll be getting. I've had many people complain about them after they get variants.

Think about this for a moment and ask yourself is it makes sense. The Air Jordan XXIII (23) Premier was limited to 23 pairs of shoes sold at 23 different stores for a total of 529 shoes released. Because of the rarity of the Premier the shoe is now being sold at around $2,000 if you can find a pair. This site seems to have every size available for $99.99 how could that be? Could it be that they have secured a good number of the 529 pair, and are a business in the business of losing $1900 on those just do you can reap the benefit as a consumer?

Bottom line is that site sell fakes, they just happen to have images of legit pair, which the owner probably has a personal collection of real J's he has bought, by making money selling fakes to customers like you. If you want to support them go for it. -JE

Him: oh ya right the ones on the images r the shoes dat u actually get hey but wut is the best all white jordan it must b the six rings

Me: Alright I'm done, good luck dude. -JE

Him: there isnt such thing as fake pictures of jordans there real i got one same exact as picture u a dumbass or wut

Me: Hey man let me make something clear to you, I didn't come at you with disrespect so why would you come at me with it? You asked questions and I gave you answers. -JE

Him: so wut dats the stupidest thing i heard in ages wuz dat they posted real pictures no dats the one they have at there factory they take pictures nd dude THERE FUCKEN REAL LEMME MAKE something clear to you if they were fake some of them are sold out fakes they make more nd more has no phony colorways
there real i asked a sneakerhead on here he said there real there at a cheap set price we know dats y he couldnt belive it

Me: Okay I guess you're right... because really why would anyone post pictures of real sneakers and send a fake product... I mean why would anyone charge retail, or even resellers mark up prices... the real way to make money is to sell a product for less than retail... yeah that's the ticket take a loss on every item and hope to be successful, I guess all that's left for me to do is to buy a pair!

Thanks man you have really open my eyes! Now my collection is going to grow to all new heights!!

You're the best dude, thanks again! -JE

Him: were u being sacrastic

I know that was a long read, but it was interesting to me and thought I would share with you all, to show you how people think when it comes to wearing fakes. They are just beyond reasoning, no matter how much sense I made this guy just didn't get it. Anyway for those that stuck through it thanks.