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Friday, June 4, 2010

Air Jordan sneaker game getting too predictable?

The question is simple on the surface but could easily get deep if you really look at it. Is Jordan Brand getting to predictable & somewhat boring? I mean for years we have all been excited about Jordan's being retro-ed and for years the cycle has been the same, people hear of a shoe being retro-ed and get OVERLY EXCITED, as the shoe gets closer to release people begin to OVERLY COMPLAIN about quality, colors and so on, when the shoe actually releases the same people go OUT OF THERE WAY to buy them anyway after all the complaining. It doesn't stop there because the same people that complained the loudest continue to complain about the shoes they just spent their hard earned money on.

Of course I could go on and on about this subject but my question is not so much is Jordan Brand getting to predictable as it is are the sneakerheads too predictable and in many cases unsatisfiable?

In my opinion Jordan Brand has somewhat made a nice bounce back in 2010 thus far, with the exception of the recent QF II & Powder IX's (Plastic like leather killed them for me) and JB seems to have a STRONG fall/winter lineup schedule which will no doubt have sneakerheads lined up outside of retail shops on Saturday mornings. Quality of recent Jordans has been much better in 2010 then say 2006, Jordans are still selling out and people are still excited and we "sneakerheads" need to remember we are a small segment of the actual JB customer base. The question that I will leave my readers with is one I ask myself every time I see a YouTube Video or Forum post of a person complaining about a shoe they just bought, why buy it if you don't like it? Straight up hypebeast status when I see that... what other reason is there to buy them??? -Peace

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  1. I think Jb is getting real predictable because of the trends i have notice for example you don't need to go on a sneaker bog to find out what retros are coming out you just need to look and see what fusion have released like in the beginning of 2009 Jordan gaves us AJVIs which I passed on because i have and will never purchase a fusion and a year later in 2010 VIs retros came out and its the same for the AJXIIIs,AJIX, and will be for the AJX and AJV in 2011 well the Vs retros come out during the summer of next year along with the Xs in the end of the year