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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Here we go... Again?

Okay so today this is what has me scratching my head. Jordan Brand has decided to retro the Air Jordan XIV Final Shots... AGAIN! I suppose it was 2005 but are they really running out ideas on us? The year of the V is back... the Cardinal VII is back... III's are back... just seems the wheel that is turning should be bigger in rotation like 23 spokes in total not 14. Of course I fully expect to see some kind of "change" to the shoes material or shape but still why not give us a 14 we haven't seen in a while like the Indiglo's or the Oxidized?

On the one hand I get it, new collectors are entering the shoe game almost daily and this will be a nice pick up for them. On another hand we are sneakerheads so worried about "un-DS-ing" their J's? Why are you all so afraid to wear them, they are now on a 5 year rotation so might as well rock them right? The funny thing is in 2005, 2006 etc people COMPLAINED about quality, and here they are now about to start playing the "2011 Retro's ain't that great I got the 2005 joints" card thinking they are fresh. Is that only funny to me?

Anyway I know I've touched on this subject before and I now am looking like Jordan Brand putting my posts on rotation... oh the irony is not lost on me. Jordan Brand let's open the vault on the Retro XVI before we see the Retro XIV again huh? I might be out on a think limb on my own but I'll be happy to grab a pair of Cherrywood XVI's before I cop the Final Shots again. Who knows maybe they will put a nice spin on the shoe and make it worth while... making the toe box bigger would be a nice start! Wishful thinking I suppose...

Monday, March 28, 2011

Legit Website List Removals

Hopefully by now you all know I have a growing list of Legit Websites on SSB, which is just a quick way to put sneakerheads in touch with legit sellers. That list has grown but you may notice that it has also shrunk a bit and here's the reason why.
POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE! Seems while some sites sell legit shoes they have gotten arrogant in their ways and have forgotten how important the customer base is. I've run into issues where someone made a purchase and waited far to long with little or no communication as to when they would receive their shoes. We've had people order a size only to be told "we don't have that size so take this one" instead of issuing a refund like they should have done.

So I'm not going to put these companies on blast because I'm trying to allow them to correct the situation. If I have a website that ends up selling a fake then of course they will be put on MEGA BLAST so don't worry about that, also that has not happened.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

JStar where you been?

Before I get started big shout out to Sergio thanks for the message sometimes it takes a little push to get back to blogging, thanks brother!

Okay so where have I been and what have I been doing? I'll be a little transparent with you all and let you know what's been going on.

I've been working hard on SSB the main site over the past few months, I've been driving the site to attain sponsorship so I could finance the site and create contests and promotions for everyone that has been with SSB for a while. So that's an on going process as it seems. Along side of that I've been working on putting together a "show" that will be around 20-30 minutes in length that will be me discussing the Sneaker Culture like releases, trends, store visits (near and far), real vs fake comparisons and interviews. That is still in the works but I was hoping to have the 1st show complete by now.

So as you can see I have been very busy not to mention keeping up with my actual business and family. But I'm going to keep pushing forward and see if things start getting off the ground for SSB. So with that said I'll post more personal perspective on the sneaker culture and keep you all updated on SSB and the items I mentioned! Thank you all for still checking this blog even though it has been dormant for a while! -Peace