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Monday, June 20, 2011

Lets kick it for a minute with: JStar

This week on Lets Kick it for a Minute we have Sneaker Shoe Box founder and sneaker expert Mr. Jesús Estrella aka JJtar25 on youtube and MrJStar25 on twitter. First I would like to thank JStar for the opportunity to blog on this website. It's really fun!

SSB: How many sneakers do you currently have?

JStar: About 100 pairs

SSB: What are your all time favorite sneakers?

JStar: 1. The Adidas Superstar the kind Run DMC used to rock

2. Air Jordan 4 Black and Red pair

SSB: Which shoe would you like to be re-retroed?

JStar: The cool grey 4's. They should also start retro-ing the shoe past 14. The Air Jordan

10 with the toe cap. The playoff 12's and the obsidian 12's.

SSB: Do you collect any sneakers besides Jordans?

JStar: I have Adidas, Lebrons, Jordans, Nikes and a couple Foamposites

SSB: When did you start collecting Jordans or notice that you have a nice collection?

JStar: 93-94 Junior year of high school. Some of the girls at school were like dang Jesús you have more shoes than me!

SSB: Which star in the NBA has the best sneaker line?

JStar: Lebron James. The Lebron 7 is equal to the Jordan XI in the Jordan collection. Not saying the Lebron 7 is as nice as the XI but that shoe to me is the best shoe in that line so far.

SSB: Which are your favorite pickups so far this year?

JStar: The Adidas SuperBeast Red Carpet Editions are number 1. The year of the Rabbit Jordan 2011 are next and then the True Blue 3's.

SSB:If you could make any color way what would you do?

JStar: Aqua 4, White Cement 6, Charcoal 4 similar to the Derrick Anderson PE's when he ran with the Heat.

SSB: What are your future plans for SSB?

JStar: I'm working on shooting a web-isode that would show on SSB. It's about a half hour long and will feature product reviews, real vs fake, interviews with members of the sneaker culture and boutique visits. Hopefully try and grow SSB and a create a buzz.

We would like to thank JStar for "kicking it with me for a minute." For all of your sneaker news report to Tran

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